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MT688Professional Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Professional Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Features : Compact size Precision non-contact measurements User Selectable °C or °F Selectable body and surface temperature Set alarm value Memorisation of the last 32 measurements Automatic data hold and auto power off Automatic detection range ...
MT691Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

Features : Spot Ratio 12:1 Temperature -50⁰C to +650⁰C Response time 150ms Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0 Dual laser sighting Selectable ⁰C or ⁰F Automatic Data Hold MIN, MAX, AVG and DIF temperature displays Set ...
MT632Dual Input Digital Thermometer

Dual Input Digital Thermometer

Features : Dual K-Type inputs Max / Min / Average / Data Hold K-type -200°C to 1372°C J-type -210°C to 1100°C Resolution 0.1°C / 1°C Selectable units of °C, °F, K Data Hold Relative Time Clock ...
MT600Digital Pocket Thermometer

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Features : Compact pocket size with carrying case Temperature -50°C to 200°C Temperature Accuracy ±2°C 0.1°C Resolution 65mm Stainless steel sensor probe Measurement rate: 1 time per second High and low temperature alarms Min/Max record mode ...
MT605Pen Type Thermometer

Pen Type Thermometer

Features : Temperature range: -40° to 250°C 0.1°C Resolution Data Hold & auto power off Min / Max record mode stainless steel sensor probe Selectable °C or °F
MT684Infrared Temperature Probe

Infrared Temperature Probe

Features : Max temperature display from -30°C ~ 550°C Output 1mV per 1°C Laser pointer 8 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances 0.95 Fixed emissivity Compatible with multimeters, clamp ...
MT680Air Probe

Air Probe

Features : Air Probe Range -50°C up to 300°C Extremely fast response for gas and air temperatures Refrigeration, heating and ventilating engineers
MT660General Purpose Probe

General Purpose Probe

Features : General Purpose Probe Range -30°C - 250°C Exposed thermocouple with PTFE Insulation General purpose use in heating and refrigeration industries Ideal for Radiator fans, water and air temperatures
MT652Thermometer Kit

Thermometer Kit

Kit includes: MT632 - Dual Input Digital Thermometer MT660 - General Purpose Bead Probe MT690 - Probe kit consisting of: Surface Probe, Air Probe, General Purpose Probe MT651 - Carrying Case
MT670Surface Probe

Surface Probe

Features : Surface Probe Range -50°C - 500°C Very fast response for surface temperature measurement Ideal for Sheet metal, radiators, photocopier and rollers
MT690Temperature Probe Kit

Temperature Probe Kit

Features : Temperature Probe Kit Complete probe kit consists of a handle which uses interchangeable surface, air and general-purpose probes Low cost and effective thermometer probe kit