Major Tech was the first to introduce 1000V tools in 1988, and our ever popular 1000V Pliers and Cutters have evolved over the years. We are pleased to introduce the fourth edition of these popular pliers and cutters which now feature composite TPE handles as well as Chrome Vanadium to the complete range. This concept was also introduced to our VDE approved pliers range.
The success of the Major Tech tools over the history of the company has allowed us the opportunity to bring to market different concepts and ideas. Major Tech was one of the first companies to introduce Tool Kits to meet customer’s requirements depending on their environment.
The TBP5 backpack with its waterproof rubber base was developed for our mining industry as this allowed the electrician to place the bag in any wet surface and not affect or wet the tools, the reflective tape on the back was for safety visual reasons. In the newly introduced upgraded Tape Measures the popular 5m tape now offers a 25mm blade, ensuring stability when measuring. The hammers and hacksaw ranges have been modified to sleek looks yet maintaining their functionality, but also allowed us to reduce the prices to our customers.
The demand of electricians working on their own created a new opportunity for Major Tech to introduce LED headlamps, torches and Worklights, thus improving visual light in dark areas. The worklights have magnets and swivel hooks for easy and simple assistance.

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