Earth Leakage Testers

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K5410ISIntrinsically Safe K5410

Intrinsically Safe K5410

Features : Intrinsically Safe K5410 Microprocessor controlled Operating voltage 80V - 450V L-E Auto Ramp 0° or 180° Phase angle selection Rated current 10mA - 500mA Automatically measures trip current Remote testing IP54 - Dust & ...
MT328Industrial RCD (ELCB) Tester

Industrial RCD (ELCB) Tester

Features : Microprocessor Controlled for accuracy and reliability Direct readout of disconnection time Display mA Sensitivity Current Setting from 5mA to 1000mA Indicates tripping phase angle 0° or 180° Phase angle selection Operating voltage 100V to ...
MT325Digital RCD/ELCB Tester

Digital RCD/ELCB Tester

Features : Double injection housing Correct wiring indication 2000ms Direct readout of disconnection time Fully programmed test current settings Accurate readout of tripping time with a resolution of 1ms Two LED lamps give quick check for ...
MT310Socket ELCB Tester

Socket ELCB Tester

Features : Compact, lightweight and easy to use Correct Wiring Indication with neon lights Operates on 230V systems AC Voltage measurement on LCD display Fixed current settings from 10mA to 35mA Separate test button Double injection ...