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MPL04053W LED Headlamp

3W LED Headlamp

Features : 250 lumens 90° Tilt 3 Light modes: 100% light, 50% light & flashing light (Strobe function) Adjustable headstrap ABS rubberized housing 3W COB LED
MTD81Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

Features: ACV bandwidth 50Hz to 400Hz Operating temp 0°C to 50°C Audible signal resistance less than 100Ω Measurement rate is 2 times per second Over range indication Tilt stand CAT III 600V & CAT II 1000V ...
MT832DIY Analogue Multimeter

DIY Analogue Multimeter

Features : DC current to 10amps Measures resistance up to 20mΩ Measure AC and DCV to 1000V Large mirror scale Transistor test Continuity buzzer 20kΩ/V Sensitivity
MPL04023W LED Headlamp

3W LED Headlamp

Features : 3W Cob LED Up to 50 Lumens Strobe Function 3 Light Functions Adjustable Strap ON / OFF Button 90° Lamp Tilt